about spark

Established in Spring 2021, Spark is a community of student developers and designers at the University of Pennsylvania that builds both creative and client projects.

Our Values

Accessible Education

Spark is open to all experience levels, including both beginner and more experienced developers & designers. Beginners learn foundational design and development through our Blue Branch before diving into projects. Outside of our bootcamp curriculum, we host workshops and events on a variety of creative topics.

Hands-On Experience

Our members take ownership of their learning and gain hands-on experience by working with other designers and developers on a creative project each semester. In addition to working with our tech stack, our Red members gain experience working with real-world clients and non-profits.


Community is at the center of what we do and how we work. In addition to lots of cross-team collaboration, project teams work closely together throughout the entire development process. Whether it be club-wide work sessions, retreat, and our various other social events, we take pride in how our organization brings people together!

Our Branches

Spark Blue

What we do?
Participate in a 10-week bootcamp in either the design or development track, followed by a creative team project.

Who can join?
Anyone, but targeted towards beginners without previous coding and/or design experience.

Spark Red

What we do?
Work in teams to build more advanced projects, either through working with real-world clients and nonprofits or on creatively brainstormed ideas.

Who can join?
Returning members or new members with proficient technical experience. (Developers: CIS 120 or equivalent, knowledge of full-stack development.)